Maik Schierloh

künstlerische Positionen aus Berlin bespielen den Schönegarten

@Schönegarten Berlin

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Hannah Becher, Joanna Buchowska, Heloisa Correa, else (Twin) Gabriel, Grete Gabriel, Grigori Dor, Margret Eicher, Andreas Hachulla, Turbo Jambon, Marte Kiessling, Silja Korn, Catherine Lorent, Isabel Kerkermeier, Sebastian Kusenberg, Via Lewandowsky, Regina Mamou, Marius Mathisrud, Mascha Naumova, Christopher Sage, Maik Schierloh, Susanne Schirdewahn, Caro Suerkemper, Eva Schwab, Kerstin Serz, Semra Sevin, Zuzanna Skiba, Lucy Teasdale, Marian Wijnvoord, Vadim Zakharov and Kristoffer Zeiner.

SCHÖNESHOW pictures how strength and genesis can emerge within a community independently of existing structures. This strength has manifested itself in the past throughout human history, over and over again.

SCHÖNESHOW is therefore a collaborative work of over 30 artists, whose art is created in harmony with the dictum of a garden and the community members. The displayed art is adopted to the conditions of life in a community garden: with children, pets, regular neighborly activities and the sustainable cultivation of fruits and vegetables. And last but not least, the weather conditions will be in symbiosis with the artists' concepts for this outside exhibition. Hence, SCHÖNESHOW makes art accessible to all generations, beyond all social classes and backgrounds. This exhibition brings together a diverse community of artists.

In some cases outside of Berlin or Germany; art and cultural institutions, parks and public spaces were quickly made available to artists in order to continue making culture and art accessible to the public. Berlin’s inner city has not yet widely embraced art into its public spaces and green zones to balance the loss of art venues during past and future lockdowns.

In addition, this exhibition is financed by the artists themselves. Each of them gives a contribution, which is used e.g. for flyers and documentation of the exhibition. The artists invest their own time to realize the SCHÖNESHOW. This exhibition is financed entirely without subsidies. This is a reminder of the challenges in the Berlin art world that continue to exist and have been reinforced by Corona. Other countries, such as Norway and the Netherlands, have been traditionally setting a positive example already before Corona, by funding artists and exhibitions in a way that they can live of it.