Maik Schierloh

The Alien Everyday

The Alien Everyday

Opening time:

Opening Fr, 28.10.: 7 pm - end
Sa, 29.10. + So, 30.10.: Openig times: 4 - 8 pm

The group exhibition The Alien Everyday brings together works from various mediums that reveal a different view of things in our world.

The literary basis of the exhibition is "The Road" (2006), a novel by Cormac McCarthy, which is about a father's escape with his son through post-apocalyptic America. Father and son, socialised before and after the apocalypse, differ gravely in their perception of civilisational legacies and their conceptualisations. In the dystopian reality of the novel, everyday objects, communication and sign systems are not viewed on the basis of their (former) function, but detached from their "strange“ properties.

The exhibition focuses on the hidden essence of things and puts their perception in a constantly changing world to the test. What happens when objects are perceived differently?

Liste der teilnehmenden Künstler*innen:

Stefan Alber
Jakob Argauer
Julie Beugin
Ties Ten Bosch
Marlene Zoë Burz
Janine Eggert
Kalinka Gieseler
Florian Japp
Manuel Kirsch
Max Kreis
Martin Karl Kufieta
Joep van Liefland
Dana Lorenz
Luise Marchand
Isa Melsheimer
David Möller
Nam Nguyen
Mary-Audrey Ramirez
Michael Sailstorfer
Maik Schierloh
Frederic Spreckelmeyer
Philip Topolovac
Marcus Trägner
Roberto Uribe Castro
Melina Vesely

Kuriert von Jakob Argauer, Magda Mai, David Möller und Frederic Spreckelmeyer

Spoiler, Quitzowstr. 108a, 10551 Berlin Moabit

The Alien Everyday.
The Alien Everyday.
The Alien Everyday.